Learning Journal | Nearsoft Academy | Week 8

November 16— November 23

Hello! 👋 This is my eight-week takeaways being part of the Nearsoft Academy program, a space to learn, practice, and grow. I’ll post every week, all about the topics I’ve learned during this adventure.

This last week of the phase I learned some more things about libraries and deployment.

Unique identifiers

When you map an array on React to add dynamic components, you should add a unique key to each one, you can use the map index, but if you do it different times, this will cause a problem. In our project, we implemented the uuid library that adds unique ids to each element and avoids problems of have duplicated ids.

Dynamic classes

I discovered clsx library, it helps to add classes with conditions, so you can decide which classes add depending on the result of a condition.

404 page not found

When we deployed the project, we had a problem with redirecting, we were researching and found that Netlify needs a redirects_ file, where you indicate that redirects to the index.js file.

Keep your branch updated

When we use git, is important to keep our branches updated and we can follow the watering process, which basically pulls all the changes on the shared branch to your branch.

Today was the end of the phase, and definitely, it was intense but I learned a lot. We had a lot of things to do, we did not know how to develop many of the features but with the help of the whole team we finished the project and we growth professionally and on a personal level, definitely it was a really good experience to work with this amazing team and this interesting project, we had different challenges that we found a way to solve.

See you next week 😉