Learning Journal | Nearsoft Academy | Week 13

December 21— December 28

Hello! 👋 This is my thirteenth-week takeaways being part of the Nearsoft Academy program, a space to learn, practice, and grow. I’ll post every week, all about the topics I’ve learned during this adventure.

This was the last week of the Open Source Phase, and this is what I learned about it.

Rails has this functionality of code generations some code through the use of commands, in this case, we can run

rails generate model users name:text age:integer

It will generates a migration with the enough code to add name and age columns, a model to manage the data and the correspondent tests.

I found this functionality really useful, because it means that you can have a simple CRUD in a couple of minutes with the help of the generate controller command.

About redux, I learned the main concepts of it: Store, Actions, Reducers.


After working on an issue related to instagram links, I realized that the same thing happen to facebook, twitter and linkedin so I decided to work on that also, taking the same approach than before. I created the PR, and is waiting for review.

If me

It’s being very fun contributing to this project, I’ve learned a lot about Rails and how all theory I’ve been researching is actually applied on a real project. The issue I’ve been working on is kind of big, I already created a PR with the first steps to solve it to get some reviews and know if I’m going on the correct way. I would like to keep working on this after the phase ends because, how I already mentioned, I’m learning a lot from it.

Well, that was it about this phase, I’m so excited to continue with the next one, this adventure is getting every day more challenging and exciting.

Hello World!👋🏽 I’m a programmer in development. I’ll share with you my sketch notes about everything I learn during my journey as an Encora Intern…and more 😉