Learning Journal | Encora Academy | Last Week

Hello! 👋

This is the last post of my experience during the Encora Academy program, a space to learn, practice, and grow. I’ve posted every week, all about the topics I’ve learned during this adventure, and today I want to share with you, my takeaways from these 6 months.

During this time, I learned a lot about different technologies, frameworks, languages, libraries, etc. I’ve talked about most of it in my last posts, and definitely, I can’t resume all of that in one post, instead, I prefer to write some bullet points with my most important takeaways:

  • You don’t have to learn something “complex”, “complicated” or “amazing” every day, but definitely, you will learn something every day, try to notice it.
  • Feedback is amazing, is important to learn how to take it and how to give it.
  • A programming language is just a tool, solve problems is a most important skill.
  • Soft skills are more than “soft” and are as much important as tech skills.
  • It’s okay to don’t know, what is not okay is to don’t take action in changing it.
  • Communication is very important, keep good communication with your team.
  • We are not perfect and anybody is, so don’t try to be, you will just get some headaches and unnecessary stress.
  • Ask when you need help, and research before you ask.
  • Negotiation is very important, is a skill we need to learn.

I loved my journey during the Encora Academy, and I think that Encora itself has a lot to do with it, is a cool company, they care about their employees and help you in your career. It is an amazing community, everyone I walked with, had willing to help, and as an Academy that was very useful.

I want to thank the staff and my mentors for guiding me in this whole process, the staff worked hard to help us in our learning process, organizing and planning the activities, and being there when some need some extra guidance.

Also, I have to say that my mentors did an excellent job being there when I needed some help when I had a problem dealing with some weird code or complex projects but overall, listening to me and guide me on the process.

But, the best for me is all my new friends, all the people I haven’t known in another way, I develop a great friendship with my partners in this adventure thanks to you’ll guys.

Finally, I have to say that is scary to grow, but it feels really good.

This end is also just the beginning of my career, I have a lot more to learn and to live, and I’m happy to say that this beginning will be as a Software Engineer at Encora México. Let’s make some magic ✨

Write some code and have fun. See you!

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